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It all started when a few young entrepreneurs on a hot summer day messing around with their mums blenders trying to find the perfect milkshake. They had a few extra chocolates from Valentine's Day and thinking that it would be the perfect idea, one, throws in a 'Ferrero Rocher', and with a touch of their mum's secret vanilla milk, walaaa!! The ideal Milkshake was created.

Years after carrying on these secret recipes amongst the family, Milkshake Factory was born to provide everyone the rights to enjoy the perfect mixtures of a milkshake.

From there on, new homemade chocolate milkshakes, thirst quenching smoothies and signature sandwiches were made for everyone to savour. These Milkshakes, Smoothies and Sandwiches were made with Love and Passion by a stunning vibrant team of Milkshake Engineers.
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